XnappSales V/s OOS
XnappSales utilizes historical data to make suggestions about when and how much to deliver. It improves product shelf availability by delivering the right product to the right shelf.

Drop in OOS

Sales Growth

1% drop in Out Of Stock scenarios results in a sales growth of about 3%. Facilitate systematic processes ensuring that products are never out of stock by replenishing demand at outlet shelves to distributor purchase.
Brand + Variant + Size
XnappSales ensures that the right brand, the right variant and the right size of a product is available on the right shelf.

XnappSales uses research proven methodologies to drive penetration by ensuring the Right Brand + Right Variant + Right Size is available in the Right Places.
XnappSales for your Data
Know what your customers need, how much of it they need and when they need it. XnappSales facilitates better decision making to constantly evaluate and optimize processes in real time.

Precise Calculation

Optimize Processes

Process Driven Sales

Compliance on field, sales objectives of visits, time spent, promotions delivered, targets achieved and KPI integration ensures consistent and process driven sales.
XnappSales for the Journey
Generating daily schedules for each salesman, with optimized routes and suggestions to increase sales.

Journey Planning

Identifying Patterns

Stocking Needs

Tag locations where the product can be sold, while identifying sales patterns and triggering visits to replenish stocks.
XnappSales & the 6 Ps


Take your product
to the right place,
at the right time.


Map sales territories
and tags locations
for target markets.


Reduce cost of products to offer competitive pricing.


Maximize sales conversions by tagging promotions to customers.


Generates daily schedules, optimized routes and suggestions to increase sales.


Drive systematic workflow for process evaluation and optimization.

XnappSales & your SalesForce
Ensuring journey complaince by tracking and monitoring salesmen details in real time.


Real-time Communication

Increased Productivity

Boost employee loyalty by rewarding them for achieved targets and increased productivity.
XnappSales & KPIs
Colour coded KPI statuses enable you to measure your performance with respect to targets and maximize penetration.




Monthly Targets

Indicators for Journey Compliance:
  • Serviced and Unserviced locations
  • Unmatched Locations
  • Out-of-Sequence Visits
  • No Sale time alerts
  • Low Service time alerts
  • High Service time alerts
XnappSales & Promotions
XnappSales emphasizes promotions and helps create brand awareness seamlessly. It tags promotional offers to the right customers and collects information on its effectiveness. Pick up and respond to competitor activity and promotion performance with real time field information.

XnappSales captures judgemental feedback from outlets by surveying:





XnappSales to Stay Ahead…
Plot your market with custom visual characteristics using advanced geo-coding techniques. Create territories and optimize sales routes for distributors ensuring maximum efficiency.

Geo-Coding Techniques

Monitor Temperatures

Mobile Surveys

Remotely monitor and control freezer and chiller temperatures to ensure desired state and optimal functionality.
ROI with XnappSales
  • Prompts channel partners according to priority of claims
  • Automatic claim generation for key processes like promotions & price discounts
  • Manual claim generation for expenses like on field expenses & logistics
  • Integration with ERP systems for credit note generation

Reduce Claim Cycles

Imporve Cash Flow

Access payment history for distributors and aging of receivables from the customer in real time. Enable your salesforce to make cash or cheque collections from the retailers. Improve collection performance and adherence to credit control rules
Collaboration for Secondary Sales
Your single IT solution for pre-sales, van sales, delivery and merchandizing. Try before you buy without any IT infrastructure costs.

Try Before You Buy

Pay As You Go

Data Storage On Cloud

Retain remove and release capital by switching to a complete OPEX model allowing you to pay as you go for the service.
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