Stage I : Clean Market Demand, Captured Once, at Source
  • Easily setup and define a variety of master attributes like Product, Price, Geo-Coded Outlets, PJP, etc.
  • Order fulfillment – it’s all about speed. Arm your sales force with mobility. Capture demand at source in real time to increase your win rate.
  • Enhanced technology ensures improved sales. Your sales agents are presented with any outstanding collection checks of retailers while undertaking new orders on the field.
  • Satisfy any existing or outstanding fulfillment requests and orders on the go. Fulfill mobile orders, returns, collections, etc. while seamlessly integrating with your distributors or manufacturers billing and fulfillment systems.

Stage II : Sales Compliance and Increased Productivity
  • Improve the way your team plays the game. Easy to measure sales and field KPIs on real time basis
  • Predict delays due to holidays or unforeseen circumstances. Plan routes and track a salespersons journey for compliance.
  • Generate consolidated secondary sales report for brand manufacturer
  • Simplify traditional trade merchandising with surveys and image capture for ease of Audits.
  • Consider expanding your market and sales territories. Efficiently use employee and financial data and resources to help identify your competition and your target market – both by size and potential opportunity.

Stage III : Standardize Distribution Processes
  • On board distributors single handedly and collaborate for Primary Purchases, Claims Settlements, Secondary billings etc.
  • Ensure business continuity and supply resilience by catering to actual customer demands in real time. Promote quality and efficiency through standardized work instructions.
  • Centrally view your stock in realtime and track sales at various distribution outlets as they happen.
  • Predict market orders based on customers’ order history and foresee Out Of Stock{OOS} scenarios at the retail shelves based on trending.

Stage IV : Matured Demand Chain Execution
  • Create balanced sales territories and compare them based upon their potential and size. Identify sales spikes and identify sales outliers. Manage distribution territories and secondary assortments with complex trade schemes and field delivery.
  • Provide merchandising services to modern trade outlets using retail audits and predict replenishment at distribution points.
  • Deliver or implement primary and secondary route optimization in real time ensuring journey compliance for the salesforce.
  • Don’t just sell. Sell smart. Collect, assimilate, examine, and present realtime information to help salespeople keep up with clients. Drive your business based on facts instead of intuitions.